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Color-dyed microspheres can be used for qualitative and semi-quantitative detection by dyeing blank microspheres through a unique surface modification process. This series of microspheres is bright and rich in color, covering the rainbow series of colors. The comprehensive color options can help to avoid the background interference of the sample, and provides an effective tool for multiple chromatography detection. These products are suitable for agglutination tests, lateral flow, and other technology platforms. The single batch capacity exceeds 500 million tests, with excellent batch-to-batch consistency, which can provide customers with high quality products stably.


Performance characteristics:

Sufficient surface groups: higher protein binding capacity 

Higher sensitivity: ideal alternative to colloidal gold 

Large scale production: production capacity is up to 500 million tests/batch 

Internal dyeing method: rich colors, no dye on the particle surface, easy to couple 

Customized production: various options of particle size, surface group content, and color/fluorescence dyeing

Dyed microspheres
Red Microspheres
Blue Microspheres
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